Fabricating Services, Inc. has been a distributor and fabricator of all types of thermal and acoustical insulation since 1989. We are a solutions provider to a broad array of industrial customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including the appliance and HVAC industries. We solve insulating problems: excess noise, condensation, leaks or the spoilage and breaking of product. Give us your insulating problem and we will provide a solution.


Fabricating Services, Inc. has broad portfolio of fabricating equipment for converting non- metallic materials to parts used in a broad array of industrial and OEM applications. These processes include lamination, die cutting, CNC cutting, RF sealing, and assembly such as sewing and kitting.


We fabricate numerous sound insulating products using a variety of materials including mass loaded vinyl, non-woven polyester, fiberglass and mineral wool boards and blankets. We specialize in covers for scroll and rotary compressors used in HVAC applications. We have the broadest product offering and deepest body of research on the effectiveness of these products and materials. Additionally, we offer a variety of materials to absorb, dampen, or deflect noise and vibration. These materials can be fabricated to your specific application.


We are a leading supplier of fabricated parts used in thermal applications for the appliance, HVAC and transportation markets.  We convert fiberglass, mineral wool, ceramics and foams to specific parts designed to reduce heat transfer.

Applications include: air handling from the furnace and coil to the register box; appliances including ranges and water heaters; industrial pipes and equipment; trucks, tractors and automobiles.


We have a broad selection of foams used to absorb the energy of an impact.  Cushioning has many applications in packaging and OEM.


We fabricate mechanical seals out of specialized rubber materials with low tolerance specs. Applications are critical seals in industrial applications such as transformers.

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