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Appliance Insulation
Thermal Insulation These products are designed specifically for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, equipment, and appliance markets. Our thermal insulation products are recommended for acoustical and thermal applications up to 350F surface temperatures. Surface coatings or facings are available for air stream applications. Thermal insulation products provide outstanding sound absorbtion and can be slit or die cut to provide a precise, clean finished part for your application. Available in blanket form and rigid board, we have the right insulation to suit your needs.

Rotary Duct Liner (RDL) is lightweight, highly resilient blanket insulation. It is manufactured from high quality flame attenuated glass fibers and has excellent thermal and acoustical properties. The black fiberglass substrate has fine, long fibers which are bonded with a thermosetting resin. The air stream surface can be faced with a black coated mat or black fabric. RDL is used to insulate round or irregular shaped ductwork or equipment. It is also used to insulate fan plenums and air distribution ducting on industrial and commercial heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

Board Insulation can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications such as room partitions, wall panels and for structural noise enclosures. They can be supplied either as plain fiberglass, fabric covered or with facings such as reinforced foil or black mat. Our duct board's exceptionally low leakage rate and high thermal efficiency means minimal heat loss or gain through duct walls, translating into energy savings and improved system performance. The integral fiberglass acoustical insulation attenuates unwanted cross talk, air rush and equipment noise. The built-in vapor retardant reduces the chance of condensation and stops damage caused by unwanted water.

Acoustical Insulation Fabricating Services, Inc. offers a wide range acoustical insulation including fiberglass insulation, foam products, damping materials and acoustical barriers, foam/barrier and foam/barrier/foam combinations to suit our customers' needs.

Acoustical Barrier: Our standard acoustical barrier is flexible PVC (poly vinyl chloride), black in color and weights 10 oz per sq ft. Its effective temperature range is from 0F to 250F. Various densities and thickness are available to suit your needs. Let us help you find the right combination to achieve your sound attenuation goal.

Acoustical Barrier/Foam: This acoustical composite is used to manufacture our DuraCoustic style compressor covers. It consists of a very limp embossed reinforced barrier bonded to 0.5" thick acoustical urethane foam. This unique material provides excellent performance, throughout the frequency range, at an economical price. It can be easily cut and sewn into various shapes and designs.

Acoustical Foam/Barrier/Foam: This acoustical foam/barrier/foam adds even more attenuation to our foam/barrier material by adding an additional layer of foam. The acoustical foam helps to dissipate noise while the solid acoustical layer acts as a noise barrier. It also cuts easily and may be sewn into various shapes and designs.

K26 Matface: Fabricating Service's proprietary duct liner handles well and is easy to install, with or without adhesives and mechanical fasteners. K26 MatFace insulation, with its smooth black facing and well bonded glass blanket, resists the deteriorating effects of air flow erosion to 4000 FPM. The excellent sound absorbs ion characteristics of K26 MatFace insulation also helps reduce equipment noise.

High Temperature Insulation We have the right insulation for your high temperature applications. Our high temperature insulations are used for high temperature heat containment as well as gasketing for appliances, furnaces, water heaters, automotive applications, stoves, hearth products, lighting, and boilers. They are effective to the following temperatures:

ManniGlass 1200F
Mineral Wool 1200F
TRS (ThermoRange System) 1000F
Ceramic 2300F

ManniGlass is a non-respirable, low cost alternative to silicone and ceramic fiber gasket materials. It excels in applications requiring superior thermal resistance where space is limited. ManniGlass is an excellent insulator for stoves, furnaces, water heaters, lighting, automotive and in numerous appliance applications.

Mineral Wool: Mineral wool is made of inorganic fibers derived from basalt, a volcanic rock, in semi-rigid to rigid board form. Advanced manufacturing technology ensures consistent product quality, with high fiber density and low shot content, for excellent performance. Designed to be installed between spandrel panel and floor slab in commercial curtain wall systems, it provides a fire-rated seal. It is inorganic and will not support mildew or support corrosion. Mineral wool is available plain or faced with an FSP (foil-scrim-polyethylene).

ThermoRange System: This Owens Corning product is fabricated by Fabricating Services into insulation parts used in ranges, broilers, fireplaces and many other heated appliance applications. TRS insulation performs best in temperatures ranging from zero to 1000 degrees F. Its softer fibers are less irritating, making it easier to handle and install. ThermoRange insulation is available in five thermal performance levels.

Ceramic insulation blankets are air laid into a continuous mat and mechanically needled for added strength and surface integrity. Blanket products are available in a wide variety of densities and sizes and do not contain organic binders. Thermal Ceramic Blankets provide excellent resistance to chemical attack and are unaffected by oil or water.

Electrical Insulation Electrical insulation, also known as "fish paper" is used as electrical and mechanical barriers. The insulation is flame-resistant with good physical strength. It is used in circuit breakers, distribution transformers, fluorescent fixtures, electrical appliances, and dry cell batteries.